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Emergency Housing

Women’s Emergency and Transitional Housing Program

Providing housing and support to women in crisis through a network of emergency beds and longer term housing at Mary’s Home, Amelie House, St. Clare’s Residence, and Elisa House.

St. Francis Residence

A home for 24 men and women who have experienced mental illness and are unable to care for themselves without support. Our aim is to help them increase the quality of their lives and hasten a return to self sufficiency.

Ozanam House

Provides transitional accommodation and support for men recently discharged from a detoxification unit and are waiting entry into addiction treatment program

VincenPaul Community Homes

Providing men and women recovering from addiction with the support and encouragement needed to build a new life. There are 12 homes located throughout Metro.

DePaul, Vincent and Martineau Houses

Offers residential care and support for 18 men and women who are developmentally handicapped. The residents live in a loving community, learn basic life skills and share in decision making processes.