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5 Guiding Principles

Revitalizing Our Five Guiding Principles – To Serve Our Neighbours in Need

The purpose of this information and support session is to reaffirm our Vincentian commitment and to invite Members to revitalize their understanding of Our 5 Guiding Principles in Serving Our Neighbours in Need.


The two hour session will take place throughout 2014, during a regular Conference meeting, so that there will be an opportunity to share a consistent message, in person, with all 113 Toronto Central Council Conferences.

For more information, please e-mail the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Toronto Central Council –

Resource Links:

Agenda for the 2-hour information and support session
PowerPoint Presentation: Our 5 Guiding Principles to Serve Our Neighbours in Need
Booklet of Quick Reference Guides
Conference self-assessment tool,  to help refresh everyone’s understanding of our 5 Guiding Principles



Sample Action Plan to Help with Our Guiding Principles:

Home Visitations
Current  Situation:  
Conference is only visiting NINs on the first call and then for any repeat calls they have the NIN come to the church to pick up the vouchers.


Goal – to visit NINs in their home every time they call:


Current issues preventing this activity 

– Not enough members to do all the calls 

– Members too old to go to the homes

– Members feel there is no need to visit as the story doesn’t change with the NINs

– Area is unsafe, or bed bugs in the home

– Members do not drive 


Action Plan:

1. Recruit more members to handle the call volume. Do you need help from TCC?

2. Plan to engage the new Vincentians quickly with an experienced Vincentian to do home visits

3. Have older members doing tasks that do not require travelling i.e. – holding poor boxes, doing bulletin notices, taking the incoming calls, providing guidance and mentoring to the newer members, doing spiritual readings, plan fund raising, etc.

4. Provide more training on how to address needs of the NIN especially longer term NINs

5. Ensuring you have a good list of reference resources available to help the NIN get the assistance they require