Members Area

Home Visitation

Members of the Society are people who live out their faith in action by visiting people in need to provide them respect, friendship, spiritual and material assistance. By visiting people in their homes, we strive to help men, women and families to better deal with their poverty and disadvantage.


Conducting a Home Visit

Characteristics of a Meaningful Home Visit (pdf)

Tips for Helping Our Neighbours in Need Move Forward

  1. GOALS – Work with our neighbour in need to identify goals.This means Vincentians do most of the listening, our friends most of the talking!
  2. SMALL STEPS – Keep goals and solutions as simple and achievable as possible. Small steps are good as long as we are moving forward!
  3. RESOURCES – Be aware of resources and points of contact in your community where our neighbours can get more advice. Consider appointing members of the conference as being responsible for learning more about the topics that come up most often in your area. Valuable information for our neighbors in need: Canada Benefits Finder.
  4. ADVOCACY –We can help all of our neighbours move forward by being their advocates and demanding Social Justice. Raise awareness of the issues that our neighbours in need face in our parishes and communities.
  5. FRIENDSHIP – Build trust and confidence by getting to know the people we serve.  Follow through on your promises and treat our friends with compassion and empathy. Reinforce their successes and restore their confidence when they stumble.