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Leadership Workshop

The Society values the work you do as an officer of your conference.


As a follow-up to Our 5 Guiding Principles sessions, we are facilitating a two-hour Vincentian Leadership Workshop, to be delivered at a number of locations across the GTA.   This workshop and focus group is for all current and potential conference officers.  It’s a chance to share best practices, the challenges and how we can make a difference in shaping the future of the Society.

Helpful Resources and Links:

    1. Position Descriptions for Conference Officers (Full Document) – July 2015
      Quick view of specific duties for sharing in the Conference work:   
      All Vincentians
      Vice President

    2. Keys to Vincentian Leadership Success

    3. Chart: Sharing duties of the conference with members and new recruits
    4. Resource – Leadership Skills – Source, Holden Leadership Centre