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The following program(s) and forms can be downloaded by right clicking on the appropriate item and selecting for it to open.  For all PDF files you will need Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the program please click here to download a free version.


2014 Annual General Meeting – Session Handouts

Home Visits:
Characteristics of a Meaningful Home Visit Helping Our Neighbours in Need Move Forward

Recruitment and Renewal Guide for Conferences

Understanding Ontario’s Social Services:
Ontario Disability Support Program Eligibility for Ontario Works  211 service providing Information and Referral for callers to community and social services

The Rule
The publication of the Rule and Statutes is of special significance to all Canadian Vincentians. It is rooted in the words and the spirituality of our principal founder, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, and our patron, Saint Vincent de Paul.

Information (“Press”) Kit
The Toronto Central Council Information Kit is useful for the press, teachers, and others who want some information about the Society – our history, our values. and our works.

Volunteer Opportunities Booklet
The Volunteer Opportunities Booklet describes opportunities for Vincentians to volunteer in one of our Special Works and provides the contact information. This is another way for us to serve those in need. Share your gifts with one or more of our residents.

Client Information Form, Budget Form & Guidelines

Many conferences have developed very efficient and appropriate ways of collecting and storing information about those they serve. Others have a form or a process that is not as helpful. New conferences, of course, are looking for the best way to collect the information and to keep it secure but easily accessible. Not surprisingly, in the 115 conferences there are almost 115 ways of doing this. The Resource Committee has been looking at the situation and has been working to develop a common Client Record Form and process for collecting, storing, and destroying client information. They have developed a form (based in great part on the fine work of Roger Pett of St. Boniface Conference) and set of guidelines. They are anxious to have a few conferences field test the form. The form will also be available in an electronic version. If interested, you can download the form, budget form and guidelines and try them out in your conference.

Starting/Renewing a Conference

Conference Leadership Resources

  1. Particular Council President’s Handbook (2010)
  2. Guide for Conference President’s and Executive Members (2010)
  3. Position Descriptions for Conference Officers Specific and General Duties Charts (2015)

Position descriptions based on the Rule:

Home Visitation Reference Guides

Computer Tools for Treasurers and Secretaries


  • Computer Tools for Treasurers and Secretaries A choice of two computer programs for conference treasurers to assist in managing conference financial records, issuing annual charitable receipts etc. Both systems are based on the Treasurer’s Duties guideline issued by Toronto Central Council. In addition there is a system available to conferences to assist with tracking client assistance activities. This system is an automated version of the Client Information Form which can be downloaded:

Social Assistance, Pension and Tax Credit Rates

For information regarding Social Assistance, Ontario and/or Federal Income Securities and Tax Benefit Programs SA Pension and Tax Credit Rates table brochure April – June 2017


                                                                                                                                                                  Revised January 2017