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  1. Information Package
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  3. New Member Form, Position Description
  4. Covenant Form

Information on how to apply for Police Reference Check in your Region. Please click on the Region Application Information in which you reside in:Updated March 2010

    1. Durham Application Information: Application is available from your local Police Station.  New members are required to take a letter from the Conference to the Police to be entitled for the payment required  for volunteers.  Form letter to be signed by the Conference President
    2. Halton Application Information: Application is available from your local Police Station.
    3. Peel Application has been revised. Please read the following: (Please Note: A signed authorization letter and the application has to be taken to the Police Reference Office in Peel Region listed on the back side or second page of the form with 2 identification) No payment required Please contact us for application. THE APPLICATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT THE CONSENT LETTER.
    4. Orangeville City Application Information: Application is available from your local Police Station.
    5. Toronto Police Check Information to be followed to send the application. Please Contact Us for the Application Form Please note: (The police will not accept the form if it is not on legal size paper or if the person resides in a different region. Please confirm the location before filling up the form as it will be returned) Payment of $20.00. (Please read the instructions carefully as the police does not accept personal cheques).Also Please note There is the possibility that certain applicants will be flagged for review based mainly on their birth-date matching someone in the RCMP reference database. In this case the applicant will get a letter from Toronto Police Services indicating that to proceed with the police clearance they will need to complete an additional release form, pay a processing fee of $25.00 ( this is waived for charities, if the applicant takes a letter from  the Conference President confirming their membership. ) and provide fingerprints. When the RCMP check is completed then Toronto police will return the original form to the applicant, either with a no-findings result or with the findings, as the procedure above indicates. Form Letter to take if asked for finger prints, to be completed by the president confirming membership of the applicant.
    6. York Police Services:  (Please contact the office for the application) Please fill up the personal information and date the form before taking it to the Police Reference Office listed on the second page. Payment of $20.00 cash is required. (exact change only)
  1. Interview Form for New Members  This form has to be filled up and signed by either the President of the Conference or an interviewer
  2. Process for Applicant