Residential Housing

Residential Housing for Adults in need of Support

St. Francis Residence


In the 1980’s the Ontario Government made a policy decision to cut back on their in-patient beds at the psychiatric institutions. Subsequently, many patients who were discharged into the community were unable to adequately care for themselves and lived in sub-standard housing or they became dependent on the emergency shelter system for survival.

As this situation became increasingly unacceptable, the government of Ontario created a program that would provide housing for people who had experienced psychiatric illnesses. This program, called Habitat Services, had a mandate to give funding to organizations which provide housing to people after psychiatric treatment.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul opened St. Francis Residence in 1988. Available funding does not cover all costs of this worthwhile service. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul funds a significant portion of the program at St. Francis Residence each year.

Principles of Services

  • St. Francis Residence offers permanent supportive housing in a community-based setting for 24 men and women who have a history of mental health problems and:
  • are stabilized and capable of living in a community-like setting;
  • are independent enough to participate in basic daily living activities; and
  • who freely choose to live in our home.
  • St. Francis Residence is classified as a Personal Care Boarding Home, and is operated as such under the terms of the Tenant Protection Act, by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Toronto Central Council.
  • We offer private and semi-private bedrooms, shared washrooms and bathing facilities, two lounges with television, radio and video equipment, an outdoor patio and spacious garden.
  • Smoking is restricted to designated areas.
  • Home-cooked meals are provided.
  • Residents pay room and board on a rent-geared-to-income basis.
  • The characteristics and needs of residents:
  • Supervision
  • Trained Staff provide 24 hours of supportive supervision in a life-giving, homelike environment. Staff encourage independence, socializing in the community, and development of life skills. When needed, staff will assist and give direction with laundry & housekeeping chores.
  • Medications
  • Storage & supervision of prescription drugs & daily medications can be arranged by individual residents, when required. Medications are not administered or dispensed by staff except in emergencies when a resident’s life may be in jeopardy.
  • Applications, Screening & Support Services
  • The Ministry of Health provides programmes through Habitat Services, including initial screening of referrals for suitability, ongoing residential activities and staff education through C.O.T.A. (Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Mental Health Services), and quarterly standards of care inspections. All applicants to St. Francis Residence are referred to Habitat Services for the admission process.


Director: Eyitayo Dada

Our staff currently consists of a Director and a team of qualified full-time and part-time Residential Support Workers, a Food Service Worker and Casual Relief Workers

Contact Information

by phone: (416) 603-4340
bu fax: (416) 603-7675
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