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Committees of the Board of Directors

Committees of the Board are an integral part of the governance model of Toronto Central Council, providing a focused connection between the Board of Directors, the Conferences and the Particular Councils, and the Special Work programs under its jurisdiction.

The Board approves a mandate and appoints a chair for each committee. Annual written reports from each committee and interim reports are provided as directed.  The business plans (submitted with the annual budget in May) developed for each Special Work program provide the Board with an additional mechanism for monitoring the Special Work programs through the standing committees.

Types of Committees

  • Standing – a committee with a continued existence, formed to do its work on an ongoing basis (e.g. Finance Committee)
  • Ad Hoc– a committee formed for a specific task or objective and dissolved after the completion of its task or objective (e.g. Election Committee)
  • Operating – a standing committee formed to oversee a Special Work (e.g. Camps Committee)

List of Committees

  • Camp Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Membership Development Committee
  • Prison Apostolate and Court Services Committee
  • Spirituality Committee
  • Strategic Planning & Visioning Task Force Committee

Note: Not all committees are active at all times

Formation & Composition of Committees

The Board of Directors establishes any necessary committees and provides its initial mandate and terms of reference. On the recommendation of the president, the Board shall, by resolution, appoint the chairperson of any committee.The chair and members of all committees serve at the pleasure of the Board; they are eligible for re-appointment upon the election of a new president.

Names of potential members for a committee are provided to the chair or designated person who then contacts the individuals to obtain further background information and to explain the requirements for the position. The chair then reviews each case with the president and the executive director and a decision is made to advise each individual that either there is not a good fit for the committee or they are invited to attend the next meeting of the committee. After the meeting, the chair reviews each case with the committee and advises the individual of the outcome.

Employees who are members of board committees may not serve as chair of a board committee.

Persons who are neither employees nor members of the Society may be invited to join a committee because of their expertise (e.g. in financial matters) but must be screened according to current requirements, thereby becoming a member of Toronto Central Council.

Interested in serving?  Please contact us at for current openings.

Board Committee – Terms of Reference

(Directions for completing this form are in italics)Blank Form

Toronto Central Council (insert name) Committee – Terms of Reference

Mandate: (in 50 words or less, what is the primary purpose of this committee as directed by the Board of Directors?)

Date Committee Formed:

Date of Latest Revision to Terms of Reference:

Committee Membership:

  • President is a member of all committees by virtue of their office
  • Executive Director is usually (but not necessarily) a member
  • Mandatory representation, if applicable (e.g. the Finance Director must be on the Finance Committee)
  • Desirable representation (e.g. a former resident should be on the Addiction Recovery Committee)
  • Optimum number of members (a range from minimum to maximum)
  • Background and specific skills that are either essential or desirable for membership

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • List the functions that would naturally fall under the above mandate (e.g. the Spirituality Committee coordinates annual retreats)
  • Describe how this committee can assist the Board in moving forward on one or more of its strategic priorities
  • Provide an annual written report to the Board
  • Attend and report at Board meetings as required, either at the request of the Board or the Committee
  • Update their membership, mandate and terms of reference on a continuing basis


Frequency of meetings, duration & location(e.g. 6 to 8 times annually, from September to June, for approximately 2 hours at 240 Church St.)

Board Committee – Annual Report

(Directions for completing this form are in italics)Blank Form

Toronto Central Council (insert name) Committee – Annual Report

Year Ending _________

Mandate: (as shown in the Terms of Reference)

Committee Members: (include dates of service)

Successes/Progress in the Past Year:

Objectives/Priorities for Next Year:

Longer Term Goals:


Submitted by:


Please complete (on one page only) and submit to Executive Director by (date)

( Fax 416-364-2055)